Know in advance where the journey is going

Do you want reliable software of the highest quality, smooth operation and error-free deployments? Do you want to optimize your processes to get the most out of them?
As consultants, coaches or developers, we are your web development agency. Our knowledge, experience we have the technical understanding to analyze existing processes, implement new structures and optimize the development flow.


Think out of the box

E-commerce systems grow with the business, as well as the complexity.
We develop solutions to decrease the complexity in your daily business

Proof of concept

when complexity becomes daily business

Modern e-commerce software needs suitable proceses. The digital world and the technologies connected with it are changing too quickly to be able to say today what you need in a week, a month or a year. Therefore we trust the scrum method as well as the Kanban Ticket System.

Both methods see themselves as a toolbox to overcome many of the hurdles that arise when developing complex software.
These procedural models allow flexible and smooth processing and development of solutions and proposed solutions.
Whether and which model is suitable for a project and the team largely depends on the success of the project. Iterative implementation of software minimizes the risk for both parties

At the end of each iteration, there is a functioning increment and through regular coordination between all parties involved: the development team, ScrumMaster, product owner and stakeholder can be readjusted at any time in order to be able to target the desired result as accurately as possible.


Highest quality for your software

In order to ensure the quality of the individual product and to document their correct functioning, automated test processes should be implemented in software projects in general and eCommerce projects in particular. A variety of analyzes regarding quality, technical debts and code standards can already be carried out via push gates. The automatic and recurring execution of unit tests and acceptance tests as part of integration and deployments is also an important aspect of automation.

Continuous integration

because your system never stands still

In order to guarantee, maintain and verify high quality standards, it must be continuously checked, documented and tested. Modern software solutions must be continuously monitored and checked over their entire life cycle. Our experience extends to the definition of such processes as well as the selection of the necessary tools such as source code versioning, development process, continuous integration server / services, code review tools.


in the beginning there is a big idea


Nothing is more constant than change

At the beginning of the project there are often a variety of wishes as to what the new e-commerce platform should be able to do, perhaps even what it should be better than the previous system. The joint journey often starts here until the launch of the online shop.

But on this long path, changes occur: the competitor develops a new function, the manufacturer makes new demands on the presentation or simply and simplified: the market changes.

We will take this path together with you and look forward to the change with joy. At the beginning, we don’t want to record every subtlety, draw up lengthy specifications or specifications. The key is an agile process model. Changes can be taken into account quickly and errors no longer cause unmanageable costs.

Agility is by no means an all-round cure, it rather favors continuous improvement in the development of your individually tailored e-commerce system. The requirements play a central role here. At the beginning, when many functions are rather diffuse and difficult to grasp, they are refined and specified in the development process. All in good time.

We accompany you through the entire process and support you.

Business and Support

Create great things together

The project is done, sales are rolling and everyone is satisfied. But what’s next? With us as a partner, we want to continue to provide you with the best service in the future. Whether through hosting or continuous development. In our experience, it always goes on.

Whenever an e-commerce system goes online, there will also be updates, new functions will be needed or the hosting should be expanded to meet the growing requirements. We also support you on this equally exciting path

Project management

To let you know what we’re doing

rtzAgile teams implement all imaginable requirements in creative and targeted ways, so great systems are created together with you. In order to demystify the mystery “agile”, our project managers always keep an eye on your key figures: budget, time, scope. So you have a precise overview of the current status at any time and can make informed decisions:

  • Should a function still be implemented or is there not enough time?
  • Can we still incorporate one or the other function, or does it exceed the budget?
  • Can we limit the functionaility to launch the product earlier?

We support you during the entire process and keep you up to date. Because it is your business that we strengthen, together with you.

UX and Structure

Beauty and the e-Commerce Beast

Modern e-commerce and web applications are much more than just a pretty exterior:
they work with high performance, act robustly, work fault-tolerant, support potential buyers and users through intuitive interfaces, provide tools to get through the process faster and more efficiently.
They provide information from third-party systems and must not lose any of their beauty, even under high loads.

Together with you we develop a unique user experience, from the first idea to the final solution.
Interactions, animations and conversion are just as important as scaling, performance and infrastructure.
Because only with interaction will your customers have an unforgettable experience when they immerse themselves in your online world.


When everything has to work together

When the plan has to fit into the reality

Everything interlocks and moves

Modern e-commerce applications consist of many components and services. Payment providers, newsletters or tracking services are to be integrated or replaced. Of course there are modules for most providers and platforms, but it is not uncommon for something to be reconfigured and adapted here and there so that everything fits together seamlessly. We take care and ensure that everything fits seamlessly.

Your maintenance team

Smoothless deployment

Your hoster only takes care of the server.
We take care of the application to it. Security updates and updates must be carried out at irregular intervals.
We take on these tasks in our maintenance and act quickly and efficiently when things are not going well.

The green field approach

Individual e-commerce instead model kit

Are your business and your products so special that standard software cannot be used? Are you using your own ERP system or a PIM you have developed yourself? Here we build bridges with individual development and finally adapt the product import so that it works smoothly with your individual interfaces.
Would you like a better integration between blog and shop? The requirements and possibilities are diverse and often we already have something in the drawer.

Act fast, don’t react

Monitoring with Watchimon®

Our monitoring platform Watchimon® has been developed especially to monitor your online shop or web application. Watchimon regularly checks common functions, login, checkout, shopping cart, known security holes and ensures that no malware has taken over